Taqsim Joza - Muhammad Husayn Gumar تقسيم جوزة - محمد حسين كَمر

Muhammad Husayn Gumar
Maqam Mukhalaf and Awshar
La Hague, Netherlands

تقسيم على الجوزة من مقامي المخالف والاوشار اداء محمد حسين كَمر من اجتماع مؤسسة اوطان الثقافية في لاهاي, هولندا


  1. Does anybody know the maker of his Joza?
    Where can one buy this in the USA?

  2. I think this particular version of the Joza (walnut wood soundbox and metal tuning pegs) is designed by this Iraqi artist in Germany:


    You can try contacting him for information

  3. Thank you! This is wonderful information!
    Love your site!


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